Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gardening: Hot Update!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I last updated about my garden. Some have been asking about it but I really didn't have time to update about it here. But now that I've done most of my works ahead of schedule, I spent some time photographing around the garden. 

Most of the trees are already nearly maturity. Some already are. I've began to see flowers blooming here and there and fruits getting formed overnight. 

Let's not talk so much and go through the pictures, alright? Enjoy!

The view of my little garden


Good news. The sunflowers are blooming. I went and looked at them a couple of times everyday. The neighbors were probably freaking out by now, seeing me going out now and then to check on the flowers and caress them like I'd do a lovely girl's cheek. But hey, they are my first sunflowers, what do you expect? It's like a new father getting his own newborn baby, you know? 

The bud of the sunflower

Top view of the sunflower bud

The blooming sunflower. Priceless. You can see the 
forming seeds already there


Behold, the easiest thing to grow in the garden. Sweet melody corn. No idea why it was named that way. Maybe because it sings out loud when its corn is ripe enough? No freaking idea. Looking at them now, the germination is taking place. The ears are coming out and all I need to do is to water them sufficiently and supply enough nutrients in the soil during the coming maize formation days.

The male part of the corn tree. 

 You can see the stigmata and whatnot in the image. 

 The maizes are already forming at the bottom, one maize 
for each plant.

 Young maize. With the hair and all. Cute. 

In the mean time, I am sowing more corns in the vacant beds 
next to the mature trees. Continuous cultivation. 

Lady's Finger

The most sexually-misunderstood plant. So far 8 plants have been cultivated successfully and now they are endlessly blooming flowers and producing first crops. The flowers are really pretty, though. They bloomed for less than a day time before they shrunk to transform into fruits. Awesome observation in nature's system. 

The flower of the lady's finger plant

Another flower with one fruit at the bottom

Flowers and flowers more.

This is the first fruit pictured around 2 days back. 

And this is what happened after 2 days! The first fruit is getting 
bigger while the once-a-blooming-flower is now a fruit!

 The feelings when I looked at these were priceless. All the hard 
work is fairly paid.

New flower buds of the lady's finger plant. Soon, these will become 
fruits too. There's a new leaf too there. 

 The new leaf coming out. Awesome sight.  

Another lady's finger's flower but from a different variety. This one is
 the local variety while the others above are the giant variety. 

Chinese Lettuce

One of the hardest to grow. Now look at them, all growing non stop to form a green bed full of green, crunchy and delicious leaves. I usually picked one or two of the leaves, washed them up and eat them raw. Seriously tasty. 

The mature lettuces 

Lettuces from the second bed which are still 
young and growing fast.

The third bed of lettuces. These are already mature 
for consumption.

One of the biggest lettuces in my garden. 

No pests were found and no insecticides were used. 
Wholly organic and safe as food. 

Top view of one of the tiny, young lettuces. 
Cuteness overload.

I feed them up with compost from my earthworm pit.
They grow healthily. Can't wait for them to grow 
up bigger and healthier!

Four Angled Beans

Or easily kacang botol. The creeping parts of the plants are already on their way to conquering a higher ground. I expect them to start flowering in two weeks time. I have five of these plants. They all grow under a recently-made rack for them to crawl up and form a canopy. Must be awesome when they finally do.

The four angled bean plants crawling around

One of the crawling branch has found the pillar of the 
overhead canopy frame. Time to conquer!

The overhead canopy made from some metal nets I found 
thrown away by the roadside. And my feet there too. 

Seedlings and Others

And now, my seedlings. I've begun to sow some of the new seeds I bought from Mr Iskandar, the owner of the blog Thanks to the sunny morning and rainy afternoons recently, the seeds grew up fast to stand on their own roots. 

The seeds of the red chili of 'Kulai' variety. 

My favorite plant. Peanuts! The seed has broken up into two and
strong leaves are coming out from in between.

Another peanut. The seed has been pushed all the way 
down in this one.

Habanero seeds. Habanero is the hottest chili ever 
discovered in the whole wide world. 

The chili padi seedling growing up fine. The seed cap is still there while 
the leaves are struggling to escape from it.

Eggplant! This one is the Thai variety that produces
 longer, creamier fruit.

First attempt of sowing durian seeds. No signs 
of growth so far. 

Five mulberry cuttings in a row. I've got to replace the last mulberry 
that died unexpectedly, so there goes, all five of them. The death of 
ye comrade shall be avenged! Grow, damnit, grow!

The growing eggplant trees, making their way up
 slowly to see the world at a higher elevation.

Saw this flower from my onion bed. Looked awesome.
Snapped a photo. 

Another photo. Looking good, buddies. 

The only giant peanut plant that survived following a storm a few 
weeks back. It's already flowering and soon the flower will 
find its way into the ground to form peanuts.

Lemongrass plants. I showered them with oil palm frond chips the 
other day as mulch to prevent weed to grow near them. Cheaper and greener
alternative than using herbicide.

My pearl grasses are really taking their time to grow. Peppered them 
with processed poultry waste and let them grow.

As usual, Sir Montgomery Scott accompanied me 
from the window. Lazy bastard.

And as usual, I toyed around with him. 
Montyyyyy *throws in the air*


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