Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This is the last picture of Montgomery Scott, best known as Monty, a lone cat that came to my house on my graduation night October last year that I adopted as a pet and took care of his food and health, and even provided his own sofa. This picture was taken three days back when he came home.

Last three days he came back with a bleeding hand, limping at my front gate before knocking on the glass sliding door slowly with his paw asking for me to open up and give him some food, in which I did. He looked sick, tired and weak. After his meal, he limped to his sofa and slept for 12 hours, from 6.00pm to 6.00am the following day, in which I stayed awake attending his injury, patting his head and brushing his fur with my fingers to warm him up during the whole cold, rainy night long.

When he woke up, he just stared at me and slowly meowing, extending his good paw as if asking for a handshake. I held his paw gently and rub his head. He then slowly walked to the front door where his kibble bowl was placed, where I then poured some fresh kibble for him. He ate very less as I sat next to him, accompanying. After that he came to me and brushed his head against my legs to be pat, and then he slowly left, limping, towards the gate, turned around to stare at me again, as if bidding his last goodbye, before disappearing in the dark, cloudy morning.

That was the last time I saw him. He never came back.

Cats, just like most animals, know when they're going to die. It had happened to me many times where my previous cats spent the night or some long hours together with me the day before they died. I guess that's their way of thanking their owner and saying their last goodbyes. And when Monty did the same thing that cold night, something burst in my heart.

I miss you Monty.

* * *

Pictures of Monty taken just last week when he was all fat and healthy.

Resting on his sofa.

He just won't care when he's asleep.

With all the funny sleeping postures.

Sleeping again. That's all what he did.

But at least I had a loyal company when I had to stay up late at night doing works.

Taken during our first days together.

I really am gonna miss you, Monty. You rest in peace, aite? I'll see you on the other side.  

p/s: I still hope that you'll come back, knocking on my window with your paw every morning, and popping up again at the front door, although deep inside me I know you never will, anymore.


suka suka said...

Salam.....such a cute cat.. my heart burst too reading about his farewell..sangat mengusik jiwa hubungan manusia dan haiwan ni.. lepas ni ada yg datang lagi..

someone said...

this post just made me cry..
it reminds me of my pet hamster..
he died last 2 years