Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mad Lelia is Mad

Had a fight with my lady today.

Come to think of it, the reason was pretty hilarious. It's even embarrassing to speak about it here or anywhere in the universe, at least when I'm still alive. Anyway a crybaby she always is, I made my lady mad and, therefore, hid in an isolated space of her own, refusing any contact with outer world whatsoever. 

Sounded like I'm the bad guy but hey she started it. And if the part where she cried made me look bad, take a listen to this: she even cried once when she saw an old fella cycling along the road we took sometime back. My lady and her paperheart syndrome are inseparable. I won't be surprised at all if she cries whenever she sees me smacking a mosquito flat on my arm anytime soon. 

Anyway, I was mad as well. So I went shopping. Not for bag and shoes. 

I took a stroll to a furniture shop this afternoon and browsed through their vast collection of latest furniture and home accessories. So I bought a bedroom set: a queen-sized bed, a super-thick Dunlopillo Orthorest II (ultra firm, pocket spring type with memory foam) mattress, a 5-feet wardrobe, a makeup vanity table, and two bedside cupboards. The free items that came along with the set are a pair of Masterfoam super-plush synthetic latex pillows and a bolster of the same material. I've gotta tell you that the mattress is super awesome and the pillows are extremely comfortable. 

Also, I took the liberty of constructing a bed lamp from junk materials I found lying around my home. And so my otherwise very dull bedroom now looks like this:

I still need to find the mattress top and the sheet, though. And a curtain. Tomorrow then. Moving on, I also bought myself a set of dinner table for six as shown in the picture below. Gone are the days where I had my dinner in the polymer-table for two, as also shown in the picture below. There's just so much food and so little space. With this new additional item in the house, I'd be more comfortable having my dinner like a boss. 

I bought a Phillips 11-Watt eco-bulb with warm ambient feature and installed it at the living room as an addition to the existing two fluorescent bulbs, just to put some mood in the place. Now I can sit down at the sofa while doing my work on the laptop with a cup of coffee and a box of cigarette while listening to jazz on the radio and feeling great all in the same time. In the picture below is my current living hall setting. It's a big hall so it looks pretty empty. You can see the batik painting I received as a token of appreciation when I attended Twtup Campus last year, and also an unused steering lock, just in case I need to resort to beating anybody up for legit reasons. Alternative to the steering lock is my golf set, but I won't be needing that for the lock itself is pretty murderous. Just in case. 

I think the house is pretty much livable for two. And I'm just preparing the nest for the arrival of the mother bird once we get married. 

I'm doing all these for you, so wipe your tears up and calm your sobbing ass down already. I'm sorry, and I love you. 

I'm enjoying all these tonight Lelia. U mad? #lol


azilaawang said...

Ganas sangat ne, marah ngn gf terus g beli tilam, katil, perabot semua... lol

Fiza Falak said...


no room for me?

gee thanks!

Tengkubutang said...

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