Saturday, July 06, 2019

30-Day Fat Loss Plan from Hell

Sometime in May this year, I went to my second 30-day military course that, if successfully completed fulfilling all the specified requirements, will earn me the rank of lance corporal. 

To be honest, I was second guessing myself several times before deciding to go, given the fact that the experiences from my first course left me rather traumatised. These doubts rooted from several concerns, particularly my age - I would be surrounded by kids who are in their early twenties. I could foresee myself lying flat on the ground gasping for air like a suicidal Koi fish that just took a jump out of its pond after every morning PT (short for physical training). Secondly, the course were to be held during fasting month. 

"Oh, I'm so gonna be dead, for sure," I said to myself.

But in order to rank up, I can't miss the course. So after much contemplation and hesitation I submitted my registration and went for it. 

And I was right - out of 52 participants, there were only 3 who were above 30 years of age, myself included. Worse, the other two were quite physically fitter than I was. Well, there was no turning back anymore at that point, so the only way to go was forward.

The PTI in that all white jumpsuit with red cuff and collar

On the second day of the course (the first day was registration), we had our first morning PT. The PT instructor who took us for the first beating is a highly qualified military fitness instructor from the Royal Malay Regiment, and the word ruthless is considered still mild to describe him when in session. Being already privates, we were expected to perform better than cadets. It began at about 6.45 am and lasted for 45 minutes - the longest 45 minutes of my life this year. At least I thought so.  

I thought I saw Satan himself hovering above me, as I lied on my back panting at the end of the session. I couldn't feel my legs, hell, I couldn't even feel if I was alive anymore. To climb back to my 3rd-floor room was indeed a struggle, especially when both of my legs already refused to cooperate.

On the third day, the PT intensified. The sets and repetitions for various exercises - jumping jack, star jump, squat jump, push up, sit up, jumping push up, short sprint - increased double fold. Have you been in a situation where your physical fitness is pushed far beyond its limitation, that for the rest of the day all you joints feel like they're on fire? I had to crawl back to my 3rd floor room this time. 

On the fourth day, it got even worse. We were told to gear up in our military fatigue to undergo another type of PT - combat PT. It includes the same regime of exercise previously mentioned, but in addition of combat crawl, forward roll, side roll, fireman carry, pack strap carry, shoulder carry and cradle carry. For the carries, my partner was an almost 90-kg monster, and there I was, trying to hold myself from crapping my pants when carrying him back and forth. 

I wondered where they were gonna bury me. Hope it's not too far from the roadside, though. 

Shoulder carry. I'm the one squatting on the very left

Fireman carry. I'm the one second from the right

The PT continued on and the intensity increased every time. But after a while, since my body was getting used to the hardcore exercises, it wasn't so painful anymore and I began to get that euphoria, which could be equivalent to runner's high. The PTI, impressed with how we improved over time, was happy enough to let us have longer rest between sets. And the best thing about undergoing such PT is that I was able to shed off more than 10 kg of my energy reserve....or just a span of 30 days.

This was how I look like at the end of the course. Pretty lean, huh? Want to lose weight the quickest way, guaranteed? Join the army!

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