Friday, July 05, 2019

I Told You I'll Come Back

Well, hello.

It appears that it has been really a while since I last wrote anything in this blog. The last stamp date on my last post was some time in April 2015, so it has been more than four years that this blog was, well, there is no other word to describe it -- abandoned.

I could think of several reasons, but I guess the most significant one would be Facebook, where everyone can write freely and with absolute liberty (but of course, with predetermined but sometimes unforeseen consequences). I migrated to my Facebook account to share my thoughts, although most of them appeared in the form of micro blog posts.

But the content of my posts remained the same - sometimes thoughtful, sometimes delightful, but mostly hardly understandable, if not absolutely garbage. The latter was probably due to the amount of rubbish being shared on Facebook every day, that I sometimes got away and along with it.

Well, I have been planning to write again in here. It feels good to be back, really, given the fact that it took me some time and efforts to access the account since I have forgotten my credential and password.

This brings back a lot of memories, actually. Somewhat nostalgic. But then again I'm always hyper sentimental about things that mean a lot to me, this blog being one of them.

I guess this place needs some renovation so that it looks more up to date. I'll look into that soon, since the skills of beautifying this blog has since long gone. It will take a while, but it will definitely be done.

Wait, is there anybody still reading this blog anyway?

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