Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Tak Pergi Kerja Ke?

I get a lot of this question: don't you go to work? Especially from my gangster landlady who lives next door.

This is simply because I'm always at home. So it gives out the perception that I'm a jobless nut who slides on the mercy of my wife, who goes to work every day. Perhaps this is why my gangster landlady is concerned, in case she'll stop getting the rent one day.

Okay look. I'm a researcher. I work as a researcher and I get paid as a researcher.

Despite common beliefs, a researcher doesn't need to work in a laboratory, donning a white lab coat smeared with unknown substances while running around with Erlenmeyer flasks and hair apparently on fire. No, we don't do that. In fact that doesn't happen at all.

What people like me do is research, and research does not necessarily require a laboratory or even a work space. I have several work space at the university, but the thing is all of them are open type of work space. My work space is my shrine, and I like my work space filled with my private items.

Plus my boss is a real cool one. He's the type who gives out tasks and deadline and then won't bother about them until the deadlines come. "I don't care how or when you're gonna do it, but I'd expect the job is done when I need it." And that is why I still work with him for these 12 years. He just doesn't care as long as I deliver. And I'm the type who always deliver.

Now if I put my memorabilia and stuffs at my table at the university, chances are that I'm going to find it advertised in Mudah or eBay someday.

At home is where the real comfort is. I have my powerful desktop where most of my wonders are made (they don't give out PC to project-based researchers anymore at the university). I have my coffee machine. Rather fast internet. And I can wear shorts to work. I can always go to my garden or play with the cats whenever I'm stressed out.

So this is why I'm always at home. As long I deliver my work on time and everybody is happy, why not?

My little work space at home

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