My name is Nazmi.

But I have been known in the blogging world as Mighty Jacksparrow. 

Though many have speculated that I have clearly stolen the pen name from the enigmatic Captain Jack Sparrow; the captain of the ship The Black Pearl that roams the Caribbean Sea with his men from the upper hand of the Greater Antilles to the lower arm of the Lesser Antilles, doing sink, pillage and plunder business over the course of what appear to be the glorious sea piracy activities, I did not. I obtained the name sometime in 2003, way before the captain was made famous. But since that Captain Jack Sparrow is undeniably more popular and that his charming (or rather nonsensical, I'd say) personality favor more love from the ground-breaking crowd, he has the right to claim the fame of course. But it is wise to note that Mighty Jacksparrow was derived from when a close mate of mine happened to observe me observing a fleet of sparrows having their lunch at an open field, from which back in the days I have already had obtained the name 'Jack' from reasons that are quite assuringly very unnecessary to be discussed here, hence the name Jacksparrow. Mighty is just a matter of an addition to make the name somewhat, something. 

As to further give you the impression of what I look like physically, you can start imagining me according to the facts of that of a confused but somewhat entertaining male kangaroo, or you can just refer to the picture above.

Born sometime towards the final week of the first month in the Gregorian calendar on the eighty-fifth year of the first millennium, I happened to be the first child of two, from which the other one too happens to be a male. As a result to this I have inherited most of the special skills that by any means should be practiced by a common family daughter; cooking, cleaning, laundry work, baking, arguing and the likes from my lovely mother. But it happened too that I have also inherited some valuable skills from my father as well that is quite a hands-on man; carpentry, word-working, household fixings, automotive repair, thinking and engaging and winning an argument with a wife. This of course had made me an essentially difficult man to predict, which I find rather interesting for me to utilize as my general disguise.

A curious kid I was, I went through many types of education in the form of direct and indirect teachings, through a course of formal and informal kinds, in legal and illegal ways. Not wanting to be left out in the rush to having a higher level education pass, I enrolled into what appears to be an engineering school where on the eighth year of the second millennium I successfully graduated from, obtaining myself a piece of paper that indicates that I now have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors, with specialty in petroleum, energy and turbomachinery, from which until today people still believe that five bloody years worth of studying, brain hemorrhage, breakdowns, complete mind-cleansing and faith-shattering experiences are worth it - that piece of paper, that is.

Finding that my curiosity has never had really decreased, I continued my study in still Mechanical Engineering with now in the specific field of energy, from which I would say most of my energy is invested in. With a clear chase to finally coming out with a new solution to energy issues in the country, I am again entitled to receiving an encouragement prize in the form of again a piece of paper as to commemorate my efforts in doing so. 

In order to keep my mind stable at all time and preventing certain bad sectors of my brain that has since been trying, to no success, to successfully convince myself that I am actually either a male polar bear or a sexually-confused teenage otter that belongs nowhere in the vicinity of the human world, I started writing in year 2005 - the exact time when this blog was first opened. Since then, I have been writing regularly and somewhat started to collect readers from all over the place, that proposes me the puzzling question of "why would anybody want to even read these things?!". Until today the question is left unsolved.

Therefore, if by chance you have already been reading until this line, I offer you my warmest gratitudes and I introduce to you to my blog, where everything is quite jumbled up at first but soon as you go along the timeline, you are going to find that somewhat, something here makes sense to you all along. I wish you all the best to finding that 'something', and without any further delay I welcome you to my world, where everything in life is seen in the eyes of a sparrow.