Mighty Jacksparrow is an Earth-based sub-intergalactic blogger who enjoys writing and in the same time entertaining his ever-amusing will-kill-to-read fans with sensationally hilarious and at times dramatic musings. This blog offers endless ideas and results; they might be charming most of the times but could be offending in some others. Therefore, it is always noble to remind that if you enjoy the pieces, carry on reading, but if they upset you, do quietly leave like the evening breeze and not like exploding diarrhea, which exactly what you will look like if you ever lose it on me. Enjoy! :D

Must Read

These are the collection of my writings from over the years. These writings are filed in this page for fast referencing.

* * * Short Stories * * *

These are the short stories that have won many hearts over the years.

A Letter to a Future Wife [Most Favorited]
I Was Only Here for the Coffee [Won First in The Chronicler Papyrus Award]
Abandoned Love and Abandoned Love: Part Deux
Reena vs The Bigmouth Bimbos: The Deadly Race to Love
The Bench
The Dream
The Love House
The Passing Morning
The House
The Legend of Mat Zin
Cinderella: The Legend
The Story of Stupid
Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty
Mother Nature, You Bitch
The Tale of a Very, Very Horny Gorilla
Promise Me

* * * The Tale of Rosy Cheeks * * *

Rosy Cheeks is a person whom I was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike falling in love with. This is a real story that I went through personally in the pursuit to find a greater love, but found more than that. 

Part 1: The Cut
Part 2: "Hello, Sir"
Part 3: The Message
Part 4: Crap
Part 5: Bold Move
Part 6: Chocolate
Part 7: Walking the Lady
Part 8: The Game She Plays
Part 9:  Unseen Plan
Part 10: The Gift
Part 11: Change of Plan
Part 12: That Soft Hands
Part 13: Deemed Anger
Part 14: Love?
Part 15: Love? Part Deux
Part 16: The Play
Part 17: Missed Me?
Part 18: Boyfriend; Unknown.
Part 19: Just The Two of Us
Part 20: The Lies 
Part 21: "I'm Sorry"
Part 22: Damn It
Part 23: Don't You Fuck With Me
Part 24: Hello
Part 25: [Finale] Transmission Ends

* * * Between Dirty, Greasy Hands and Clean White Coats * * *

This is a story about Nad, one of the most significant figures in my early days of life, finding it's meaning and where was I heading.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4