Must Read

These are the collection of my writings from over the years. These writings are filed in this page for fast referencing.

* * * Short Stories * * *

These are the short stories that have won many hearts over the years.

A Letter to a Future Wife [Most Favorited]
I Was Only Here for the Coffee [Won First in The Chronicler Papyrus Award]
Abandoned Love and Abandoned Love: Part Deux
Reena vs The Bigmouth Bimbos: The Deadly Race to Love
The Bench
The Dream
The Love House
The Passing Morning
The House
The Legend of Mat Zin
Cinderella: The Legend
The Story of Stupid
Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty
Mother Nature, You Bitch
The Tale of a Very, Very Horny Gorilla
Promise Me

* * * The Tale of Rosy Cheeks * * *

Rosy Cheeks is a person whom I was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike falling in love with. This is a real story that I went through personally in the pursuit to find a greater love, but found more than that. 

Part 1: The Cut
Part 2: "Hello, Sir"
Part 3: The Message
Part 4: Crap
Part 5: Bold Move
Part 6: Chocolate
Part 7: Walking the Lady
Part 8: The Game She Plays
Part 9:  Unseen Plan
Part 10: The Gift
Part 11: Change of Plan
Part 12: That Soft Hands
Part 13: Deemed Anger
Part 14: Love?
Part 15: Love? Part Deux
Part 16: The Play
Part 17: Missed Me?
Part 18: Boyfriend; Unknown.
Part 19: Just The Two of Us
Part 20: The Lies 
Part 21: "I'm Sorry"
Part 22: Damn It
Part 23: Don't You Fuck With Me
Part 24: Hello
Part 25: [Finale] Transmission Ends

* * * Between Dirty, Greasy Hands and Clean White Coats * * *

This is a story about Nad, one of the most significant figures in my early days of life, finding it's meaning and where was I heading.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4